A picture of The Halo Room's signboard located in the lobby

Halo Room

Halo Room offers complementary treatment for adults and children of all ages. When dry salt is inhaled deep into the lungs, it lines the walls of the airways to help loosen congestion for easy expulsion.  Improving the transport of mucous secretion and freeing blockages reduces congestion and helps cleanse the airways of smoke, dust, pollution, pollens and other allergens.

We offer you the option of enjoying this experience with your loved ones in the family room, available for 3 adults and 4 children; the adult room made to fit 7 adults, and the private room made to fit for 2 adults.

We are delighted to welcome you to Halo Room, located at Neo Damansara, Damansara Perdana, open to everyone including babies, elderly, wheelchair bound, breastfeeding mothers, and expecting mothers. We look forward to you visiting us!

Company Vision:

To share the benefits of Halotherapy across ASEAN countries.

Company Mission:

To increase awareness of Halotherapy in Malaysia and South East Asia

A picture of The Halo Room's lobby, including the reception desk, the signboard, and the waiting area.