How Can Halotherapy Keep You Healthy?

Halotherapy is a 100% natural way to stay healthy. Are you always getting sick? Do you find yourself run down needing more energy? By visiting our salt rooms at least once a week you can help improve your overall wellness. When stress levels are high or when we do not give time for ourselves our bodies shut down. As you breathe in the dry microscopic particles you are forming a protective layer inside your sinus and respiratory system to stave off illness and infection. 
When our bodies come into contact with germs the protective layer of salt works to kill bacteria keeping that infection from growing worse. Our customers say that by coming to one salt session per week keeps them healthy and lessens the symptoms when they do get sick.
We ask that you be respectful to others by not coming in actively sick or if you feel you are contagious. This is something we take very seriously as salt therapy is used as a preventative measure against getting sick.  
It is always important to remember that when we relax we heal. Our bodies need time to recover to perform at optimum levels. We recommend a consistent regimen for best results.