We are a business focused on Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy. We collaborate with you during the processes of designing, building, operating and marketing our Salt Therapy services.

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Location Selection, Site Feasibility, and Evaluation
Space Planning and Layout
Concept Planning and Business Model
Lease and Build-out Assessment
Salt Decor Design
Electrical Requirements
HVAC Solutions, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Halogenerator Placement and Recommendations
Business Planning, Budget and Projections

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❖ Construction and Project Management
❖ Blueprint Review
❖ Collaboration with Architects and General Contractors
❖ Shop Drawings and Guidelines for Salt Decor
❖ Equipment Installation Support

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❖ Marketing Strategy
❖ Public Relations
❖ Website Development
❖ Social Media
❖ Copyrighting, Content, and Pictures
❖ A menu of Service and Pricing

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❖ Fundamentals of Salt Therapy
❖ Equipment Programming and Operations
❖ Maintenance and Service Guidelines
❖ Customer Sales and Services

Or, as an add-on to an existing business such as:

❖ Wellness Centers
❖ Med Spa
❖ Yoga/Pilates
❖ Chiropractor
❖ Fitness Studios
❖ Detox/Rehab Centers
❖ Stop Smoking Clinics

❖ Day Spa
❖ Resort/Destination Spa
❖ Massage
❖ Acupuncturist
❖ Health Resorts/Clubs
❖ Reiki/Tai Chi/QiGong
❖ And many others

Halo Room offers a variety of services and custom solutions from comprehensive turnkey salt therapy facilities to single salt rooms